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1 human year = 7 dog years

Fall 2017.  Yikes.  Already. In the virtual reality and augmented reality world time passes more like dog years than human ones. If we say dogs metabolize at 7 years for every one of ours I would estimate emerging technologies are iterating at a rate of 3 to 1. The hardware, software and content is changing and improving fast. Now, we really need a break on the distribution and some real clues on the type of content that will excite consumers and enterprise efforts. To that end here are two of the best works on how to think about #VR and how to make it.

1) VRAR Association. I’m an advisor to the NYC Chapter and also part of the committee that produced:  The Top 10 VR Best Practices document, an aggregation of the growing body of collective knowledge. We don’t want teams reinventing the wheel on the most simple of anchors. There is plenty of room to compete, but there are too many basics we need to get right first. Let’s learn from one another. The perspectives reflected here are wide ranging, among them, producers, technologists, makers, and business interests.

2) IMMERSE. Ingrid Kopp lives at the intersection of art, film and emerging tech; has done so for a long time. A pioneer.   She’s written an article with a deceptively simple title, “Who is VR for?”.  It’s a critical question at this formative time. To answer it she provides her brilliant insight along with some of the most prolific and wise voices in the space including:  Kamal Sinclair-Sundance Institute, Jessica Brillhart- formerly of Google Jump and Katy Newton– formerly of IDEO.



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