Treasure Trove

Oh my, treasure trove of #VR & #AR Intel!

Emerging immersive technologies are called emerging for a reason as in our daily mantra is: It’s real early days.  That means many things among them, application and usage data is hard to come by. There are plenty of articles showing current products on the market, new tech and hardware in the pipeline, and many challenges the entire industries faces.  There are also lots of projections and opinions about whether virtual reality or augmented reality will or won’t blossom to the masses, lots of comparisons about which one is more important and lots of “guesses” as to how these technologies will ultimately succeed.

“Hmmm … !?”

On the one hand, I would argue we are iterating quickly, on the other hand slowly. The technology itself for both virtual and augmented reality from mobile power, to computer graphics, computer visualization and headsets, eye-tracking and many other elements are iterating rapidly.  The applications and consumer use far more slowly and in between enterprise applications for training and other purposes are putting along consistently.

Sources for market trends and analysis are popping up in many places and one of them is quite prolific; PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC).  Check out the many blog posts, along with a recent in depth analysis. Good stuff and my new favorite go to.

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