Seeing is Believing

source: @LDVVisionSummit

We know it’s Springtime when the LDV Capital Vision Summit hits a New York City stage.. Compelling, informative and oh, so cutting-edge. It’s the only conference I know  focused solely on visual tech from lidar sensors, to computer visualization, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning and so on.  For two days we learned all about evolving visual technologies. The applications are increasingly broad from autonomous vehicles, demographic patterns, digital video networks, and medical uses, among others.  Check out the full 2017 lineup.

I bring this up to say, seeing is believing.

From machine learning to artificial intelligence, many technologies are converging with visual innovations in new and exciting ways: portable MRIs, cars that break while you are driving as it “see” trouble ahead;  mobile “television” networks and so much more.  Yet, as new ideas become real, it’s hard to imagine – for those of us not in the lab working day and night- what these new tools and services are, how the work and why they matter.  Seeing what the inventors and entrepreneurs are making real is powerful, and not all of us can make it to summits like LDV Vision. Yet as I learned, human beings process visuals 60,000x faster than text, visuals are incomparable in helping the rest of us understand how a particular innovation may be meaningful to us in what we do or the sector we work in.

Thanks to innovations in computer processing and high resolution video, inventors have the ability to relatively inexpensively make video content and it is appreciated.Here are two of my favorites this week:

Blippar’s worldview in #AR.


CN2 Augmented Reality, the enterprise AR solution company.  They provide amazing clarity in direction be it for Ikea furniture assembly or training for increasingly complicated equipment from printers to industrial machines. 


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