The New Reality. Women.

Invasion! by @Baobadstudios

“In Virtual Reality, Women Run the World

A new generation of female artists is making VR the most diverse corner of the male-dominated tech space.

BY  Photograph Courtesy of Maureen Fan”


This is one exciting headline and a fantastic article. Thanks @NYMag.  I could not hope for more in these early days of immersive technologies.  The list of women making incredible contributions to the growth of virtual reality, augmented reality and other three-dimensional technologies is long.  Many of the women in tech listed on @Mic recently, begin to show the reality of impact women are making in this new world.  Please note part of the title in the article: “ … Here are 1000 names [of women] …”

Maureen Fan, the Co-founder/CEO of Baobad Studios, is fantastically brilliant and talented.  Their virtual reality experience, Invasion!, just won a Daytime Emmy and their latest piece of visual art, Rainbow Crow, in which John Legend is among the collaborators, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is stunning.

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