Show-n-Tell: Coolest Comic, EVER. #AR

(via Image Comics)

There are few things more compelling than seeing something for yourself, in person. The next best thing is a cool video. I live for cool videos, especially good ones that show exactly how one might apply new technologies like #VR and #AR (sometimes the people-like robot videos are a bit overwhelming).  And the internets does not disappoint.  Every day, week, the videos are popping up like tulips in spring time.  I do wish someone would aggregate them in one place.  We have so much to learn about how to make content, that every example chips away at what might be possible.  Thanks to all the creators who take the time to make the show-n-tells.

This is my very favorite this week:  Faster Than LIght. A New Monthly Augmented Reality Comic from Image Comics.  It’s a beautiful expression of the potential for #AR experiences. Enjoy.

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