Making VR, for real.


You are looking at Ritu Varma as Samaya, India’s reportedly first real-time VR character according to  We are at a critical point in the creation of virtual reality (VR) and Augumented Reality (AR) content. That is to say, while we’re learning as we go in understanding the new technologies and the necessary tools to make an immersive or cinematic experience, no doubt we have a long way to go.If you read one article this week, this one is it from First Post about the making of Baahubali VR.

It tells a meaty and detailed tale about the collaboration among tech giant AMD, India’s prolific studio, Arka Mediaworks, that produced the iconic director and screenwriter SS Rajamouli’s epic movie Baahubali. From the custom 360-degree camera built to how they handled daily challenges, it’s an important read for anyone taking on the challenge of content making in VR today.   Baahubali VR will be shown at Tribeca 2017. Here is a link to the festival’s full lineup.

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