The VR Audience Experience

Audience experience is a term I’ve learned recently courtesy of my friend Katy Newton. She’s conducted vital research in collaboration with Karin Soukup, that every creator should consider when planning and creating virtual reality. It is a radically different medium than film or video, or anything else.

The research found it’s critical to keep the user at the center of our concepts and what we are building. As she has taught me, we need to ask ourselves, what do we want people to feel, experience and how will that work? You’ll find Katy and Karin’s guide on VR storytelling here. And be sure to check out any of the venues where either of them are speaking or follow their work here on Twitter: @katywnewton and @designcurio.

I’ve been struck by one major difference from my television days and that is the pre-production considerations, there are many given the challenges of current hardware, software and even workflow.

We have much work to do in research and developing what the optimal product will be across the many uses of virtual reality and augmented reality. This discovery process is incredibly exciting and daunting at the same time. Enjoy it.

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