Why Octavia Rising?

Octavia Rising is about the intersection of storytelling, media innovation and emerging technology.

Storytelling is hard to escape when you grow up with one Irish parent and the other Nigerian, centuries of storytelling pride and skills on both sides.   My voracious love and full immersion into global stories spanned the delicious realm of legends and folklore, which was tempered by very real conflicts affecting our family in the from the Nigerian Biafra War to The Lebanese Civil War to conflict in Northern Ireland. I’ve learned that every story has the potential power to change what we think and how we act.

As a young reader, there wasn’t a science fiction, alternative world, urban fantasy tale that didn’t pass my hands. After “living” in worlds created by the great Octavia Butler or J.R. R. Tolkien; I’ve read his “Lord of the Rings” a dozen times. Nor, could I ever forget the indelible power of Anne Frank who as a teen hiding from the Nazi’s wrote, The Diary of Anne Frank.” I was so immersed i the story; my mother took me to Amsterdam when I was 15 years old to see for myself where the family hid.

Stories are everything and technology is taking us to new places.

Growing up, I was called weird more times than I can count and maybe I was.  Yet, I always felt normal in the pages of my most favorite authors.

I dedicate this to my family who have gifted me so much, and to Octavia and Anne’s courage in writing their truths, which has helped me find mine.

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